This is my Graduate showreel from back in 2015. I've been looking to get it updated for a while - once I stop roughing things out and get some clean animation together - and maybe even an animated short or 2. Watch this space.

But for the past few years this has been my showreel, all comprised of animations that I completed as part of skills development or assignments during my time at university. That includes a rotoscoped scene from Sia's Chandelier Music Video, featuring dancer Maddie Ziegler and footage from my own music video that I completed as part of an assignment and more. My personal favourite, however, is the black and white boiling line animation I put together based on the fun fact that there are more chickens in the world than people.

Feel free to take a look at my first ever animation featured in this post, it won a couple of LAFTA animation awards (Lincolnshire Awards for Film Teamwork Achievement) and is actually what got me onto my degree course. Or read about Ammil, an animated short I'm currently working on.