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vanessa's life coaching logoThis logo design is for a local sole-trader who places Mental Health Awareness at the forefront of her practices.


Vanessa's Life Coaching

Vanessa herself is a good friend of Drive By Websites and Drive By Design. She uses her experience and past struggles to benefit vulnerable members of the community through both local organisations and by being known friendly face and kind neighbour. Vanessa's Life Coaching is a halfway house, allowing her to offer care and support for vulnerable individuals, while providing her with a means to support herself. Because self-care should never be ignored - especially not by the people providing it to others.


The Branding Itself

Vanessa's aim is to soothe minds. As such, I felt it was important to reflect the idea of harmony in the design itself. I used tranquil colours for the majority of the graphic, while using slightly brighter and more varied tones when depicting the mind as the focus of it all.

Vanessa and I had one very illuminating meeting in regards for her needs for the branding, and we were both very happy with the first logo design, which you see here