Digital painting

It's really more of a doodle than a digital painting, but it's the first one I've done in ages, so why not post it?  I was recently introduced to the wonder that is Skrillex's 'Call Him the Devil' - it's not my usual style of music, but I was into it. While looking up the video, I noticed the thumbnail (pictured below) featured a young woman lit with some of the most interesting lighting I've seen in ages, and I found it really inspiring.

Digital painting certainly isn't my strength, but I really like doing it, so I did a little speedpaint using the Skrillex thumbnail as a reference - I was in fact going to produce a little animated version of this; a cycle of her chewing bubble gum, blowing a bubble and it popping, but like I said, I'm no good at digital painting and it turned into a blotchy mess.

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Call Him The Devil reference
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