Holbeach Meadows Phase 1 Logo

This project is owned by Drive By Websites & Drive By Design or the respective client, and is posted with permission.

Ashwood HM compliments slipAshwood Homes have just launched their flagship development, branded up by yours truly. Holbeach Meadows Phase 1 is the first of this multi-faceted housing development site that by the time it's completed, will have added 900 homes to Holbeach. With the addition of several large Executive Homes for this site, it needed branding that reflects both Ashwood Homes as a company, but signifies a fresh, sophisticated wave of new homes that appeals to buyers both from the local community, and those moving from further afield.


The logo is designed to be extremely adaptable. Using an illustrative fine-line style accompanied with classic font, I created a simple bouquet of meadow flowers. I used a daisy-esqu flower for the phase 1 logo, which also acts as the overall Holbeach Meadows logo (exactly the same graphic, just with 'phase 1' removed). The intention is to produce multiple flower heads using different species of flowers and simply switching and the phase number for later phases. This makes for a nice, cohesive overall brand with just enough differentiation between phases so that each looks special.

I designed this brochure in-line with Ashwood Homes' preexisting brochures including the housetype insert templates I established a little while ago. Because of the consistent branding, I was able to create a cover generic enough to use across all of the Holbeach Meadows phases. I also created a location insert about Holbeach that is suitable for use across all phases.


After the housing development launched, it was decided that Holbeach Meadows is such a big project that it warrants its own website. This new website will still be closely linked to Ashwood Homes' main site and both sites will direct viewers between one another, however it will focus solely on Holbeach Meadows and all of its phases. I'm working on that new site right now, and it's shaping up really nicely, so I'll update this post once it's up and running.