taverners hall web design

This project is owned by Drive By Websites & Drive By Design or the respective client, and is posted with permission.

Our client Ark Property Centre also manage Taverners Hall, a student-specific property service offering accommodation options for those studying in Peterborough. They decided it was time to have the Taverners Hall brand and website updated a little to bring them in-line with the Ark branding.

I only made a minor update to the logo so the printed material that was already in the hands of customers wouldn't be too obsolete, but completely overhauled the web design. I brought a grungy aesthetic to the brand and web design via the weathered appearance of the branding/header text to appeal to a young adult demographic. At the same time I used plenty of clean white space within the design, in particular around the images of the accommodation itself. I also introduced some stylish halftone textures to the brand to bridge the gap between the weathered and the clean looks. The use of orange across both the brand and the web design ties them in nicely with Ark's branding which has a signature orange tone at the forefront.