As the most experienced motion graphics artist among our talented team of designers, I bring my animation and motion graphics skills to a wide variety of assets using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and sometimes Animate or Premiere pro. Check out some of my favourites below!

saving the planet one nappy at a time

super short-form campaign-specific assets

for use across social media including facebook timeline posts, instagram grid and story posts and sometimes for giphy. Our social media campaigns provide an exciting opportunity for me to work with the most adorable characters and their supporting assets as featured on our prints and breath life into them for just a few seconds.

international audience

all of these assets are built so that they can be adapted to suit different graphics and different languages with ease.

I'm part of an inhouse graphic design team at Bambino Mio and I have taken care to include assets I worked on exclusively, I spearheaded, or assets I worked heavily on.

All assets featured here are the property of Bambino Mio