UI animation is something I'm pretty used to. From back in the day when I worked at web development company Drive By Websites Ltd, it was one of the first ways I put my animation skills to use. Going into the dashboard of the bespoke WordPress-based sites that belonged to some of our more technologically savvy clients, I would build simple, literal animations demonstrating how to navigate the platform, login and make updates (some of which were more complex than others). This would give our clients independence and allow them to make updates at a moment's notice.


Working at Posh Gecko where video and animation is our bread and butter, rather than a handy footnote, so when construction software company NBS ask us to create animated videos explaining their various platforms, including how to use and download them, its a much more elaborate and creative task. Rather than a literal rendition of Uniclass, NBS's latest platform, the videos we create for them tend to illustrate who and how the platform may be used, while featuring a short segment showing a vectorised animation of the platform itself in use. This allowed for sections of blueprint-style animation, character animation and hypothetical UI designs, which were fun to make, but got removed during the approval process.


This was a really fun and smooth project, check out the full animation in Posh Gecko's official instagram post about it.


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